Spor Caddess
Beşiktaş Plaza
near the new W Hotel building site

Top Priced
Mixed Veg
Open 7 days

Vogue is ideally located, though at first when you pull in to the driveway you'll be thinking that dinner is served in the Besiktas Football Club Gym. Arriving at the 13th floor (no superstition here) you're suddenly in a new world overlooking Istanbul.

You're here for the view and an outdoor table on a warm evening is a must. It's a relaxed atmosphere with diners who have come straight from the office, or tourists who are out for a celebration. The menu is modern and simple - or if you can, there is a separate sushi menu to choose from. Veg options are limited to basic salads or pasta and sauce.

Vogue is part of the Istanbul Doors group of restaurants - who also have Wa-Na and Lokanta in the Taksim area.


The Sofa Hotel
Teşvikiye Cadd 123
P: +90 212 224 8181
W: http://www.tuus.com.tr/

Mixed Veg
Top Price

Tuus sets out to be innovative with good food and style. The menu is focused on fresh fish, pastas and salads to please the mouth and eye. Located within the Sofa Hotel, this place appeals to all the hipsters and is a nice addition to the eating scene.

The 'amuse bouche' (a sip of soup to amuse) of truffle oil and vegetables was a delight and the Roquefort, pear and walnut salad is mouth watering. Try from a selection of pastas for a filling main. If the stomach insists, a 'chocolate fantasy' awaits you for desert - 3 different mouthwatering tasters or go for the trio of creme brulee.

Be careful where you go with your wine choices, the wine cellar is well stocked with french labels that go from pricey to the ridiculous.


Siraselviler Caddesi 87/1, Taksim
P: +90 212 249 1348
W: www.changa-istanbul.com
Not open Sunday

Mixed Menu
Top Prices

You wouldn't find Changa if it weren't for the friendly face on the door. Changa is breaking new ground in gastro-cuisine in Istanbul in a setting that also appeals to the design asthetic. With a menu directed by Peter Gordon, Kiwi chef behind The Providore & Tapas Room in London it's easy to like the fusion style and the excellent cocktails are also a must.

Veg options seemed to only be on the starters menu, but you can try all of them and have a great night! The stuffed courgette dolmas were delicious and the chilled celeriac with citrus fruit is delicious. Leave yourself room to share the Changa Chocolate Truffles for desert with twists like Szechuan pepper chocolate truffle. Or just have a sample plate on your own.

Come on a Friday and expect to be stuck away on the 3rd floor or come on Monday for a quieter more intimate meal on the main floor where you can watch the kitchen staff through the glass floor.

Inci Pastanesi

Istiklal Caddessi
Taksim / Beyouglu
about 3 mins walk down Istiklal, opposite Mavi Jeans

Cheap Eats

This place has been around for at least 60 years, you can figure that out quite quickly from the décor and the old news clippings. People only come here for one thing ... a plate of profiteroles with vanilla cream and covered in delicious chocolate goo!

It's always busy ... so rush in, hand over your 5 YTL, grab a dish and then sit down. Savour each mouthful and when you're done, someone else will be waiting to take your seat.

Suggest you make a plan to head to your favourite coffee shop you'll need it.

Wagamama's - Levent / Kanyon

Kanyon Mall
W: www.wagamama.com.tr

Mid Priced
Mixed Veg
Not Licenced

Wagamama started to spread itself globally a few years back and opened its first Turkish store in 2006, still with the same menu, shared bench seating and relaxed, no attitude staff.

If you are not familiar with Wagamama think fast food asian fusion using local fresh ingredients with stir fry noodles or ramen-soup dishes. Favourites include veg tempura with curry sauce or personally ask for the yasai chilli men served with organic rice and not noodles. At least here you can also find tofu for that veg-protein hit.

Unlike UK or Oz there is no 'positive eating' food and alcohol option.

Beşiktaş Market

Beşiktaş Market
Çırağan Caddesi
under the overpass

When you start making your way along the European shore to check out the Bosporus 'villages' you'll be driving through Beşiktaş and will notice this market immediately. The food here is so fresh - bright red tomatoes, green peppers, fresh spinach along with other veg and fruits.

Everything is ridiculously cheap, which is good, cause you'll spend it all on the cab ride home rather than lugging it around for the rest of the day. Try seeing how much food you can get for under 10 YTL! If you walk down to the last veg stands, you'll find things like basil or bunches of coriander, things that make food zing!